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Getting excited for Spring!

After a very mild week of temperatures in the 40's and 50's we're back to the reality of winter in Wisconsin. Snow flurries this morning with temperatures in the 20's.

We bought a running gear at auction yesterday that will be a small project of taking off and reselling the gravity box that is on the gear and making a hay rack. The running gear is rated at 10 tons, which is a bit excessive for what we plan on using it for immediately but gives us lots of options down the road for a larger, heavier wagon for hauling lots of small squares bales, round bales, or even large square bales. We've got two rough-sawn 6" x 10" beams that are 21 feet long that will make the frame, cover it with 2" rough-sawn pine boards, add a back rack, and maybe add a spring loaded tongue to make hooking and unhooking easier. All done, it should be able to carry anywhere from 180-250 bales depending how well it's stacked in the field.

We're also starting to contact customers to see how their hay is feeding out so far and to determine how we can better serve them for the coming season.

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