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About Groeschl Ag

Groeschl Ag is a family-run business located in Hayward, WI, where we've been making high quality grass hay for over fifteen years.  We make three cuttings of Orchardgrass on fields that are fertilized annually and limed when needed based on soil test results.  Our main focus is small squares but due to inaccurate weathermen or just plain bad luck, we do end up with some round bales each year.  We can and are glad to accept any customer with any size order, with the ability to load in the field or at the barns.  All our hay is made dry and stored inside on pallets which are also on plastic (see picture), to minimize any moisture that the bales may try to absorb from the ground.
Our Goal

The goal of Groeschl Ag is to meet our custumers premium hay needs. We use routine soil and forage tests, continual research into more efficient operations, and provide quality customer service to ensure our customers' needs are met.

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