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Any hay buyer or producer will tell you that there are a lot of variables that should be considered when buying or selling hay.  For us, as hay producers, quality and consistency of the hay itself and the bale packages are paramount.  We pride ourselves on making full weight, two string, bales of pure Orchardgrass with no need for acid preservatives.  We believe this is how hay should be made.  Fully packed, tight bales mean that we fit more hay into each bale for the customers and that less bales overall need to be handled by us and you to feed your livestock.  
Structured Price

We've found it most fair to charge for three separate aspects for our hay.  The bale of hay itself has a value, the transportation costs are value adding, as is our time unloading hay at your farm.

Semi Load.jpg
Cost of the Hay

The price of our hay at the field or picked up from our hay barns is $8.00 per bale with a target weight of 45 pounds per bale.    You can come to our facilities with a flatbed deckover trailer or a semi van trailer and we will load you free of charge.  For larger lots we have a truck scale a few miles away that we can run over to charge by the ton.

Transportation and Labor

Groeschl Ag can deliver any quantity of hay anywhere in the continental U.S..  Our two preferred ways to deliver hay are either on a 30' gooseneck trailer behind a pickup or a 53' van trailer behind a semi.

  • 252-378 bales are delivered on a gooseneck

    • Delivery charge of $80/hour round trip​

    • Includes 1 hour of free unloading

    • Excess unloading time is charged at $80/hour

  • 504-798 bales are delivered in the van trailer​

    • Delivery charge of $125/hour round trip​

    • ​Includes 2 hours of free unloading​

    • Excess unloading time is charged at $80/hour

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