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Customer Testimonials

Here are some of the things people are saying about Groeschl Ag:

"When I look for hay for my herd of 12 horses I look for quality, consistency, quantity and price in that order. I want high quality hay that is the best grass that was cut and baled dry and stored to stay dry. I want hay that is consistent. No surprises such as dust or mold or weeds in a bale you open mid-February. I want a descent size bale that has more than 12 nice size flakes and I want a price with delivery that doesn't make me feel like I'm being taken advantage of. Groeschl Ag does all this and more. Andy's hay is tested and he has always been willing to share with me the results so that I can monitor the sugar levels for some of my special needs horses. Of the over 1000 bales I've bought from Andy I've never once had a dusty or moldy bale to deal with. The bales are consistently the same size and weight and the hay is of exceptional quality - no weeds - no dust - no mold. I highly recommend their hay. I'm a happy customer and my horses are even happier customers."

Juli in Hayward, WI


"We love our hay!!  I have eight Gypsy Vanner horses that prefer their hay to their grain!  I feel fortunate to have found Groeschl Ag Service as my only hay source.  My hay has optimum nutritional values.  The bales are a solid forty to fifty pounds. I highly recommend Groeschl Ag Service.  The health of my horses is paramount." 👍🏻👏👍🏻👏


Wendy in Hermantown, MN


We raise alpacas in the middle of corn and soybean farming country so pasture land is hard to find.  We have some pastures but still need to supplement with hay through the summer and with nasty winters with wind-chills hitting 50 below, we need healthy animals!!  By testing his hay and soil, Andy can get the proper nutrients in the hay for our alpacas.  Care is taken to avoid dirt and weeds in the hay and it is harvested at the right time to avoid stems or seeds so every last bit gets eaten with no waste left!  Moisture content is monitored so when we put it in the barn, we are confident that it will store well and don't need to worry about breaking a bale and seeing mold dust in the center.  We raise breeding stock so we compete in shows.  One of the judges comments last show season was that our animals had "A healthy, well nourished fleece".  It also seems that the crias start eating this hay sooner.  I've seen them nibbling at it when just a few days old so that helps them grow faster and stay healthier!  Quality hay from quality people, thanks Andy and family!!


Myron in Sheldon, IA


I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful hay I've ever seen!  I work with an equine nutritionist to help balance out the minerals and she commented that it was very nice hay and was super easy to balance.  I only need to add some zinc and copper, which is the case with all grass hay, and everything else was right on.  Thanks again, and I'll definitely be in contact with you next year.

Heather in Grand Marais, MN


"Hi Andy, wanted to check in now and let you know that this is the first winter in three years that my insulin resistant mare is not needing around the clock care and I attribute a lot of it to finding your quality low sugar/low starch hay.  I wanted to make sure I'm on your list for this upcoming hay season.  The lower the sugar/starch numbers the better and I would want you to deliver this time.  Anyway, thank you again, if it wasn't for finding you I'd either still be soaking hay four times a day or my mare would have possibly been put down, it was that bad"

Cindy in Menomonie, WI

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